Unexpected Benefits of WRCC Membership

Unexpected Benefits of Membership

By Kathy Schroth

Some of you may remember that Molly found a young cat on the middle of the Granville Bridge, apparently looking for assistance. Being Molly, she tucked him in her jersey and gave him a ride. We
were thrilled to adopt him and named him Carl after the handsome young man in The Restaurant (which I highly recommend, by the way).

"Carl" hitchhikes home in Molly's jersey...
The vet said he was at least a year old despite weighing only 5.1 pounds and he had definitely spent the winter outside because of his heavy coat. The first week or two he ate can after can of cat food with no apparent preference and plenty of crunchies in between. 

Zac Ready, a DVM student at Purdue, gives Carl a checkup

Six weeks later, when he was (finally!!) neutered after a delay due to the virus, he weighed 6.8 pounds and seems likely to remain kitten-like in size. And he now has definite preferences when it comes to cat food flavors. 

(Anybody need any Fancy Feast “chicken and tuna”?)

Who adopted who? 
He is an extremely sweet and laid-back cat. He has some weakness in his back legs—possibly due to poor nutrition--and cannot jump up on tables or counters--not the worst disability a cat could have! However, his front legs are very strong and he can pull himself up anywhere he can get a purchase. In fact, he has learned to climb the drawer handles like a ladder to get up on the kitchen counter!

John thought he would never care about another cat after we lost our last one, but now he can’t imagine life without our funny, climbing Carl. So, thanks, Molly—you did good!

editor's note: Kathy & John did good, as well! There was a fearsome minute where Molly thought the little hitchhiker wouldn't land a home, but, as they say, it's not about what you know, but who you know...