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Ride Report: Ride Across Wisconsin

Ride Across Wisconsin:  August 17th & 18th WRCC members Drew Hallet and Molly Cripe Birt attended the 5 th annual Ride Across Wisconsin, a 225-mile ride from La Crosse to Green Bay that directly supported the Wisconsin Bike Fed. This was the first year of the new course, and there were multiple options for participating in Ride Across Wisconsin (RAW). Drew & Molly opted for the two-day course. Why RAW? After two (Drew) and three (Molly) years of participating in Ride Across Indiana, we opted for checking out a new state. We had heard some really cool things about the new state Ride Across Wisconsin (RAW) for several years. When it was announced that the route had changed from what seemed like a doable 175-miles to a bigger 225, we had some reservations. It turned out, however, that there are options for tackling such a big ride! We could take on the full 225 miles in one day, or in two days by over-nighting in Plover. We could opt to ride day one for 130 miles

Ride Report: Paris-Brest-Paris, 2019

Editor's note: I happen to be the poor schmuck that edited Lydia Trott's original document of Paris-Brest-Paris back in September. PBP, as it will be lovingly referred to, is a 750-mile (1200 km) self-supported brevet through France that entrants must qualify for. Both Melissa McCurley and I encouraged her to submit it to the WRCC Blog, either partial or in its entirety. She elected to submit her introduction, which is hardly a scratch on the surface of the immense adventure she and husband, Steve Trott, undertook by completing the world's oldest bike race. Melissa & I encourage you to click on the link at the bottom of Lydia's report to go to the full detailing of her ride. There you will find every emotion & adaptation she had. You will also be able to click around the Trotts' website to read about their other qualifying brevets. - Molly Cripe Birt, aka MCB There & Back Again: Paris-Brest-Paris 2019 As much as I want to blame not hav

Closing the Gap On: Blake Hurd

The Wabash River Cycle Club's "Closing the Gap On..." blog series is a brief minute spent getting to know your diverse cycling community! If you know of someone who wouldn't mind sharing just squeaks of information about their cycling life, please contact us at to nominate them (or... yourself!) What is your name? Blake Hurd What town do you consider your original hometown? Columbus, Indiana What kind of work do you do? If retired, what was your life’s work? I am a middle school teacher. What is your cycling background? Have you always biked? If you got back into cycling as an adult, how did that come about? I started cycling a long time ago with my parents, but stopped when I went to college. When I decided to start losing weight, a couple years back, I made it a goal to get back into cycling. Do you lead any WRCC rides? If so, how do you plan your routes? Another member of the club {Allen Hackney) and I lead a ride on Monday