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February 2019 Paceline News

by Pat Boling, WRCC President Bicycling junkies really miss warm weather and being able to go out for rides several times a week.    I know, I’ve become one.    Although I’ve ridden bikes and commuted by bike to work my whole life, I didn’t always ride so much—I only started road biking recreationally in 2002.    The first few years it was mild:    I’d ride here and there, not too fast.    I led and went on other people’s D rides (they were called B rides back then).    I’d do bakery runs to Brookston a few times a summer, and figure out new routes by consulting Charlie Myers’ 8 ½ by 11 inch collection of maps of rides in Tippecanoe County.    I ran a lot, and swam a lot too.    Since I wanted to do some tri’s, it made since to amp up the cycling a little bit.    Around the same time, I started dating, and my first boyfriend was a cyclist.    It was love at first sight!    He talked me into some crazy stuff—I was one of those inexperienced riders on the Hilly Hundred in 2002, bare