Closing the Gap On: Blake Hurd

The Wabash River Cycle Club's "Closing the Gap On..." blog series is a brief minute spent getting to know your diverse cycling community! If you know of someone who wouldn't mind sharing just squeaks of information about their cycling life, please contact us at to nominate them (or... yourself!)

What is your name?
Blake Hurd

What town do you consider your original hometown?
Columbus, Indiana

What kind of work do you do? If retired, what was your life’s work?
I am a middle school teacher.

What is your cycling background? Have you always biked? If you got back into cycling as an adult, how did that come about?
I started cycling a long time ago with my parents, but stopped when I went to college. When I decided to start losing weight, a couple years back, I made it a goal to get back into cycling.

Do you lead any WRCC rides? If so, how do you plan your routes?
Another member of the club {Allen Hackney) and I lead a ride on Mondays. We lead this ride to give back to the club.

How often do you ride your bike each week in good weather?
2 to 4 times per week.

Do you track your mileage? Do you have a mileage goal?
Yes, I do. I rode 1,000 miles last year and am aiming for 1,500 this year.

The next bike I get will be a _______________.
Trek Domane SL 7. (I just purchased my current bike in 2018, but cyclists seem to always have their eyes on their next bike)

How far was your longest bike ride?
I completed Ride Across Indiana this year, which is a 160 mile bike ride starting in Terre Haute and finishes in Richmond. The ride took me 12 hours to complete, not including stops.

Do you ride hell-for-leather down hills or are you a timid descender?
I don’t have kids yet, so I throw caution to the wind!

Clipless, toe clips, or flat pedals?
Clipless (which are, in fact, pedals that clip. Weird.)

Hills or wind?
Wind. No one can get in front of you and help on a hill ☺

What is your favorite destination when you’re cycling in this area?
The Klein Brot Haus in Brookston or The Dugout in Otterbein.

How do you stay in shape over the winter?
I go to spin classes at the YMCA.

What training advice has helped you the most?
Make friends with other cyclists that you ride with, that way you have some accountability to show up to rides.

What do you like about riding with the Wabash River Cycle Club?
I enjoy the community. I have made some great friends while in the club.