Closing the Gap On: Ryan Stremke

The Wabash River Cycle Club's "Closing the Gap On..." blog series is a brief minute spent getting to know your diverse cycling community! If you know of someone who wouldn't mind sharing just squeaks of information about their cycling life, please contact us at to nominate them (or... yourself!)

What is your name?
Ryan Stremke

What kind of work do you do? If retired, what was your life’s work?
I work in information technology at Purdue.

Do you engage in any hobbies when you’re not cycling?

What is your cycling background? Have you always biked? If you got back into cycling as an adult, how did that come about?
I rode my bike frequently growing up, but it wasn’t until a couple years after college that I bought my first road bike. It was a new-old stock steel bike from a shop in Milwaukee, and I rode it regularly until I got a modern road bike.

Do you lead any WRCC rides? If so, how do you plan your routes?
Less so recently, but when I used to I would primarily try to pick routes with hills and interesting scenery.

How often do you ride your bike each week in good weather?
1-2 times

Do you track your mileage? Do you have a mileage goal?
Yes, I use Strava. My goals vary from year to year based on which events I’m targeting.

How far was your longest bike ride?
160 miles - RAIN

Have you ever ridden a fixie?

Do you enjoy working on your bike or do you prefer to take it to the shop for basic maintenance? For more complicated stuff?
I try to do all my own maintenance. I usually enjoy working on my bike. I find certain tasks like washing it, doing routine maintenance or wrapping bar tape to be oddly calming and satisfying.

What is your favorite food to consume during a ride?
My go to ride staples are lemons & limes Skratch mix, and pomegranate açaí Honey Stinger gels. I enjoy Lara Bars and homemade rice cakes on longer rides.

Clipless, toe clips, or flat pedals?

What power song do you sing to yourself to make it up a hard hill?
I usually manage to get some particularly annoying pop song stuck in my head during rides. I’ve learned to embrace it.

What piece of gear do you love?
Waterproof gear that works and is breathable. I have several Castelli items that are great for wet rides.

Hills or wind?
Hills. Wind is just demoralizing.

Is there a local road or route that you especially love?
The gravel roads west of Independence are quite scenic and I enjoy exploring those.

Who is that one riding buddy you trust to tell you when your shorts have worn out?
Molly. Obviously.

Who has inspired you to push yourself athletically?
I have several close cycling friends who ride farther or faster (or both) than I do. They’re inspiring and regularly provide encouragement and advice.

Are you working toward any cycling goals right now?
Getting faster.

How do you stay in shape over the winter?
I use Zwift, do off-bike exercises, and if it’s not bitterly cold or icy, I’ll ride my gravel bike.

What do you like about riding with the Wabash River Cycle Club?
I enjoy the camaraderie, the variety of rides, and the support for each other. There’s a sense of community.